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I think I might have ADD and never been properly diagnosed in high school because I was smart enough to hide it from everyone. Yes I can see it crystal clear now. Every time I try to write something funny or at least a wee bit cunning, (yes those are the ingredients that in my opinion make post worth reading) I get distracted. And when I say distracted I mean I can leave the wordpress window open for more than 24 hours with the tittle already written and go do something else like reading unfinished books, quietly stalking people on fb or twitter, stalking bloggers, pretending I don’t need a boyfriend by not replying to messages on okcupid (they probably thing I’m a weirdo over there and they’re not wrong ha).

So today I started to write a post about my lack of ambition and I got distracted by the cat. We played for 30min, then I made myself a good cup of tee, then I shopped a bit on line, then I read 20 pages of the book that never seems to end (Lolita). Off topic that book is twisted and wrong in lots of ways but I can’t stop reading it.  And then I decided I should visit a friend of mine at work cuz that’s the kind of friend I am. So no post about ambition or the lack of it. I decided however later tonight I was going to write about the economical crisis Spain is deep shit into and the lack of job offers and schammers there are out there taking advantage of the situation but I decided no one would care about that.  Instead I just watched idly  by while my fingers wrote this distracted good for nothing post. You’re welcome blogworld!

And now I’m craving red wine again. I not only have ADD but I’m also an alcoholic so yey!!