Easily distracted.

I think I might have ADD and never been properly diagnosed in high school because I was smart enough to hide it from everyone. Yes I can see it crystal clear now. Every time I try to write something funny or at least a wee bit cunning, (yes those are the ingredients that in my opinion make post worth reading) I get distracted. And when I say distracted I mean I can leave the wordpress window open for more than 24 hours with the tittle already written and go do something else like reading unfinished books, quietly stalking people on fb or twitter, stalking bloggers, pretending I don’t need a boyfriend by not replying to messages on okcupid (they probably thing I’m a weirdo over there and they’re not wrong ha).

So today I started to write a post about my lack of ambition and I got distracted by the cat. We played for 30min, then I made myself a good cup of tee, then I shopped a bit on line, then I read 20 pages of the book that never seems to end (Lolita). Off topic that book is twisted and wrong in lots of ways but I can’t stop reading it.  And then I decided I should visit a friend of mine at work cuz that’s the kind of friend I am. So no post about ambition or the lack of it. I decided however later tonight I was going to write about the economical crisis Spain is deep shit into and the lack of job offers and schammers there are out there taking advantage of the situation but I decided no one would care about that.  Instead I just watched idly  by while my fingers wrote this distracted good for nothing post. You’re welcome blogworld!

And now I’m craving red wine again. I not only have ADD but I’m also an alcoholic so yey!!

6 thoughts on “Easily distracted.

  1. I think this post is funny and cunning! It’s a revelation of Zen living-in-the-momentness, of being the actor and observer of the world, disguised within a diagnosis of one of the great modern maladies. This wine is delicious!

  2. My friend had undiagnosed ADD when he was a kid, and his Dad used to hit him cuz his Grades were bad, but I believe it was because he couldn’t focus properly… As he is a really smart guy… Brain Wise that is, not Book Wise

    You might be, there is something about the way you think that reminds me of him… Kind of a hopping from here to there… But, like him, there is also a Brilliance, and an Absolute Charm

    I know on and off he used Ritalin, but I don’t think that stuff is so good for you right?
    I’ve never researched the more “Natural” Remedies for ADD

    Not that People with ADD need to be “Fixed”, but there might be healthier Remedies that might help with the Focus thing a bit.

    “Freedom” is one thing, which I think is important to you… Being Free to do whatever you want, whenever you want… Reading… Visiting your Cat… Stalking Bloggers, Lol… But, I would Imagine that the lack of focus might create some “Depression” from time to time, if you feel you’re not being Productive in a way that you actually want to be… Whatever that might be.

    For me, whenever I start Reading a Book, I start getting Sleepy…. By like the Second Page… I don’t know if that’s an Emotional Block, or hey, maybe I have a bit of ADD, I’ve never considered that… It’s probably an Emotional Block, but I’m just not sure… I will say that I like when someone Reads to me… Not sure why, I don’t think My Mom ever did… But I like it. I did well in Math, and Creative Writing in School… The rest Bored me to Tears.

    Yes, I was a Dreamer… Head on Desk Drooling, and Imagining Amazing Things, while being taught things I’d never in my life need, and/or use.

    Now that I think about it, I was Married for a Year once, I think you read that on My Blog, and she was ADD… And she was on Ritalin when she was young, and it changed her personality… In fact, when I first started dating her, her Mom used to harass her to “Take Your Medicine”, and I think she got off it while we were together… And if probably off it now… I tend to get along with people with ADD for some reason… I Loved the Way her Mind Worked, very sad we didn’t work out… She was and Amazing Person… But her Childhood was, well, lets just say Her Mom is “Basically Insane”… And her Dad wasn’t around

    So she’s got Abandonment Issues, Daddy Issues, and has walked the Edge of Sanity due to her Mom… Yeah I Miss her for sure, Glad I Married her, feel lucky that I did… We had a Year of Happiness out of it anyway, not that she remembers that… She only Remembers the one or two fights we had, and thinks we fought all the time… Oh well

    Argh, Long Reply, Great Post… Your Posts always make me think, which I really enjoy… Most Posts don’t by the way… Yes you are Funny, and Cunning, but you are also Extremely Smart and Cool, Lol… And Soulful

    Nuff Said P.S. I often get distracted and play with my cat, but only if he needs love, which he does sometimes


    • Ohh I’m sorry about your friend but he might work it out if he’s a genius. I on the other hand am not a genius nor do I have ADD. What I do have is a bad sense of humor and I tend to exaggerate things:) I do get easily distracted but I can focus when I must. I also like to drink wine but I’m no alcoholic either haha. I’m pretty balanced.

      Thanks for your comments Dark Jade. You can easily draw posts out of them. Cheers.

      PS: I have a lot of friend pharmaceutics and they seem to agree with Ritalin but they would sell you anything even lithium or Prozac if needed.

      • He’s Smart, but his ADD isn’t what troubles him most, I think it’s the Abuse from his Dad, who passed away quite a while back…

        I hope he’s well, but I know sometimes he’s not… He was actually My Brother’s Best Friend Growing up, he’s more like a “Brother” from another Mother to me

        And you’re Smarter than you Think, that’s why I’m here

        Nuff Said

        Being Balanced is Good, I am also Very Balanced, but then again, I’m a Libra, Lol It’s My Job to Be Balanced


  3. Woops, P.S P.S. Lots of people with ADD do Drugs, or Drink, not because they’re Drug Addicts, or Alcoholics, but because some part of them is trying to “Balance Out” their Brain Chemistry… So fear not, yer probably not an Alcoholic, but you may be trying to balance out your Brain Chemistry…

    Nuff Said Again, Lol


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