Be present

The universe kept pushing this on me for a few years and I kept resisting until it blew up in my face. Denial is a strong emotion that can suck up all other emotions and give them less value.

So once again I’m single and facing my unresolved issues because the universe is basically making me do it.  I received a big emotional slap in the face that made me conscious  about my actions yet again.  It’s so easy to fall into autopilot mode and not even think about your intentions or how you feel in the stream of life. But then bam, you hit the brake or someone does it for you and you are forced to wake up and smell the “roses”.

I keep learning and unlearning the same lesson over and over again, going with the flow is not always the best way to go. Yeah it can feel comfortable and easy for a while but life requires us to take action. We need to see both sides of the spectrum and realize that as the universe keeps expanding so are we, because we are part of it. Stagnation or floating without direction goes directly against what the universe wants us to do.

Let’s not confuse stagnation with rest, because rest is absolutely important (in my book) before taking action.

What I am trying to share with whomever stumbles upon this post (hopefully the google universe will redirect you here because you need to read this) is trust your instinct, trust your inner voice and listen to what your emotional system is telling you. Avoiding this will only lead you to the feeling of being trapped and helpless.

If you are tuned out from your emotions you can recuperate that by taking a long walk, meditating (if you don’t know how to just stand still in a place for a while and listen to your thoughts) or just do something that brings you joy (it can be anything from eating an ice-cream to riding a rollercoaster).

Try to stay present my friends! It’s not easy, trust me I know, but really just be where you are at and see how it feels. If it feels good keep going but if it doesn’t at least you won’t be in denial anymore and you can take the proper actions to change the situation around.


Learn to give thanks

It’s not easy to be thankful for everything we have in our lives when things don’t quite workout the way you want them to.

It’s so much easier to get frustrated and curse the stars for not being aligned the way you want them to. Just why? You look up at the sky and ask!

It’s better not to ask, in my experience. Just say thank you for the brief moments of happiness and keep walking. While you are at it also give thanks for being healthy and for you know just being alive. Being able to try again, to wake up and let the sunshine brighten your smile is reason enough to give thanks. You might not be here tomorrow, you never fucking know.

It’s not bad luck that’s after you chasing you down, it may just be bad timing. Everything has it’s own momentum, and if your momentum doesn’t align with his/her momentum what the heck can you do, besides waiting? Or not. Your choice. You decide if it’s worth waiting for or it’s just time to move on. thanks-keyboard

No matter what you decide don’t forget to give thanks. Thank the people in your life for their time and patience, even if they are on their way out. Just do it.

I know these are just nice words and sometimes you wish you could just say “go fuck yourself” or “it was a displeasure to meet you” but instead just say “thank you“. It will hurt them more or at least confuse them. Or you could just say nothing at all, your choice.

Thanks for reading!