May have found myself a keeper

So y’all remember my date deadline post, right?  Well as soon as I decided it was time to get my shit together, bam the universe seemed to agree, because believe it or not people I met someone special.

We met in the nerdiest way possible, at a redditors meet up in Madrid, my first one at that (because you know I like to hide my inner nerd as much as possible). But yeah it happened right before my eyes and while I was getting to know some fellow redditors. I didn’t even like him at first (you know how these things go) and we barely talked to each other. I’ll tell you even more, I actually thought to myself who does this guy think he is (because he talked a lot and he had a strong Spanish accent, the type of accent I usually make fun of with my friends) but that was not the point, the point was I’m usually attracted to shy guys (because well I like to be the alpha) and this one was anything but shy.

So we went out for drinks and such and we actually had a good time, to my delight (because let face it, I expected a bunch of boring nerds and they turned out to be very fun people to hang with). Ok, I’m rambling again. Back to my point: So we were leaving this great rooftop, you should really check out if you ever visit Madrid (link here), and we decided not to wait for the elevator and take the stairs instead (just the two of us). If you must know I was pretty tipsy by now due to a very tasty margarita incident and for whatever reason I kept trying to push this poor guy down the stairs, like deliberately trying to kill him @.@ (what is wrong with drunk me?),  but lucky for me he thought it was funny and decided to stop me with a kiss. Writing this down makes me be fully aware of my childish behavior that night. (In my defense I had skipped dinner and the only thing keeping me “hydrated” was the margarita). Back to the story, so an hour later we were dancing and having a good time when the adult in me awakes and decides it is time to call it a night before doing something stupid. I said my goodbyes and took a cab home. That’s the official version but honestly I just think I was starving and desperately craving a pizza. He gave me the “you’re really leaving” eyes and I was tempted to stay but thought to myself I kinda like this one so maybe let’s not rush anything. Easier said than done…
we’ve spend the last 3 weekends like two pees in a pot.

So long story short, I think I’m in a relationship and it kinda feels right.

Cheers to y’all (god I love sayin’ y’all)!


Date deadline, 2014


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Good day fellow bloggers, how have you been keeping?

I’m back because I was enlightened with the idea that I could write my own future, and I pretend on doing so starting today.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but what’s the harm in trying?

This is not going to be like the new year’s resolution list, but focused on something in particular (let’s not get greedy). So what I really want to see happening before 2013 ends, and I’m giving the universe plenty of time to make it happen, is to find a long-lasting SO. I know right, It’s not too much to ask now is it? I’m sure plenty of you are searching for the ideal mate and you know how it is.

I’ve decided to wait no longer, after all I’m 26yo people and I’m not getting any younger nor wiser, so I feel ripe and ready to get this thing on the run.

If you have any suggestions or advice on how the hell I could make this happen, please don’t hesitate to address me.

Good day and good luck.

PS: Girl on the contrary this better work and I better be dating my future hubby by the end of the year!

I forgot to live

After an insane 10 months of work stress and some more crazyness on the side I’ve reached my verdict: I’m unable to balance myself out. I only function in the opposites either I’m too lazy to do anything and slowly sink into nothingness or I get the hyper push and don’t know how to stop.

So right now I’m in the hyper zone and I find it very difficult to get out…

Workaholics do you have any tips for me?


I pulled off the impossible


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I got a full time job during the worst recession Spain has ever faced. It only took me 6 months and a LOT of interviews. Most Spanish business are slowly sinking  so my strategy was to job-hunt in the international field without any luck, not in the short therm at least. I remember a great interview with Irwin Mitchell that I nailed but they were in no hurry to hire so long story short If you’re not fast enough I’m gone (and your lose). So I kept going thinking I will end up in a great place sooner or later and guess what folks persistence ACTUALLY WORKS!! I swear to God I was ready to throw in the towel and then out of the blue I got a call to do an interview for this very prestigious law firm (for a secretary position). It was like every piece was falling into place, the best interview of my life. It just felt right and I liked the two associates right on the spot, they were smart and funny and very professional.  Of course I did some research about their work right before the interview and I was very impressed with the findings.

So long story short I’ve been working for these fine people almost 20 days now and I’m very happy about it. It wasn’t easy to get out of my safe zone but I did and now I feel like I’m actually growing professionally.

So my advice would be keep going and never stop trusting yourself. Ok I know that’s impossible because we all have moments of self doubt but try not to loose perspective.

Cheers :)

Emotional Intelligence


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EI is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups.

Sounds great right? I was so very pleased when they called me to say hey you still want to do this because we think your profile might fit in.

To be honest I totally forgot about even asking to join this class since it was only like a year ago. I forget things very easily. I mean I don’t know what I did last week let alone last year so I had to pretend I knew what the girl on the phone was blabbing about until it finally hit me.

Here comes the funny part: Of course I thought on not going out this past Thursday, because well I didn’t want to come across like a party gal (which I’m not)  to those super smart people, but I did and a very heart warming tequila incident took place (I haven’t had tequila in almost two years). Let’s just say hungovers are not what they used to be. I used to take an aspirin and a whole bottle of cranberry juice  and I was good to go. This time however I felt like sunlight and fresh were trying to kill me. I showed up without having eaten anything all day except coffee and Powerade and was praying to god I could keep my sunglasses on even though it was almost dark outside.

To my surprise everyone there was delightful and I managed to survive 3 hours of emotional talk without throwing up. But, why does it always have to be a but? My but is: I’m great listening to other people and identifying their emotions but when it comes to sharing I’m not so great and I have to give a speech next Friday about one of the happiest moments I’ve ever experienced. It has to come naturally and people need to feel my happiness as I speak then scrutinize my body language and write it all down. Whaaat? I didn’t know this would happen when I signed up for this class. I thought it was a business class and maybe I’d learn some how to deal with lunatics strategy at the workplace.

I hope I impress the crap out of them with the story of my cat’s first words, ha! But maybe this time I won’t show up looking like I’ve been run over by a car so that might help :D

three’s a crowd



Brains are not that smart. Apparently they have limited storage capacity, or at least mine does. So it didn’t came as a shock when I finally realized the battle between languages going on inside my head. I would dare to say they were trying to kill each other and almost succeeded until I screamed that’s enough you three.

It’s like this:

I wish they each had their own area but unfortunately they’re all mixed up and it get’s pretty confusing in there.

I remember this one time when I desperately needed English to play on my side and make me look as smart as possible but instead it gave me the middle finger and made me look like an idiot. That’s just how they play.

Ohh and did I mention that every time I learn a new word in English a Romanian word dies. I don’t know why because it doesn’t seem to work vice versa :(

How do you force discipline on languages?

Euro Cup and my manly side


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I don’t care for football or soccer, as you Yankees might know it for, but I transform when it comes to the Euro and World cup. I start to have weird cravings like beer and crappy snacks (and I’m not a big fan of beer unless it’s Guinness which shouldn’t even be called beer but rain drops from heaven), I’m more of a red wine alcoholic.

But back to football. I transform into a man when it comes to watching European countries battling and tearing each other apart. I mean those sweaty tattooed guys running like crazy after a ball with the solo intention of scoring and I’m all eyes and ears! More eyes than ears to be honest and wait now that I think about it, this might be just lust… Nahh that couldn’t be it since I also “care” and pretend I know a thing or two about skills and tactics. I don’t even know who I am anymore. But still it’s fun to watch and support a country you don’t even know like Russia. The other day I was all into Russia, I wanted them to beat the crap out of Poland for no good reason. I’ve nothing against Poland. And today! Ohh today I got on my high horse and made a double bet with a friend. I was absolutely convinced Holland would beat Germany (stupid Deutschland) and Denmark would kick Portugal’s ass, but once again i was wrong. Not to mention how pissed off all my friends are because I support Ireland instead of Spain. Such passion… football brings such passion and fanaticism, it’s contagious.

Us Europeans get crazy about football at a very young age. We are told it’s part of our culture and we proudly embrace it. Moi, I only care for it because it’s one of the few things that my dad and I share and over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at football small talk.

So America you’ve got the Super Bowl but you aint seen nothing until you live the Euro Cup aggressively here on the old continent :)

Ireland vs Scotland


I have to have them both. I feel like a mother that cannot say she loves a kid more than the other (but secretly does).

When I lived in Glasgow for a while I thought to myself this place is wonderful I don’t think I’m going to like any European city as much as this one. I put this Scottish city on a pedestal because we got got along and understood each others needs perfectly. Not only did it provide good drinks and great conversation with charming people but the Gothic architectural heritage made me feel at home. The fact that they turned some of their old churches into pubs was a mayor plus :)

So every time I was asked what’s your favorite city in Europe I would always answer without a doubt Glasgow up until… Dublin demanded a place in my heart.

I bet you already know about my short travels to Baile Átha Cliath (first, second and the whys of the second ) but what you don’t know is the big dilemma my heart is facing. I’m cheating big time, my dreams of going back to Glasgow have totally vanished and all I can think about now is Dublin. Actually since my love affair with this marvelous city was two times great I’m afraid to go back and be disappointed next time around so I came out with a plan: go to Belfast in my next trip. I’m sure Dublin won’t mind me cheating with another Irish city as long as I’m still on the Emerald Island.

If everything goes my way by the end of summer I plan on paying Belfast a quick visit. Scotland might have to work harder to get me back although Aberdeen has popped into my dreams a couple of times lately. We’ll see how this ends…

I’ll keep you posted.

Bet on yourself, but with humor


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Hardest thing to do in life is to bet on yourself.
You like myself and any other human on this planet, are probably full of doubts and confused about the future. Relax, we all are, it’s just the way life is designed.

Many writers have written about the inner voice and I payed attention at the time. Later on I forgot about it because let’s face it things don’t really stick with me. Haven’t I nagged enough about my ADD and bad memory issues?

You see as a professional procrastinator and excuses maker I tend to always postpone the actual listening to that little voice inside, telling myself things like: Now it’s not a good time, We’re in recession, You need a full time job, You need to get your act together…bla bla bla

The thing is once every two years I seem to be falling into a very deep existential crisis because of that little voice. I get paralyzed and feel life has no meaning whatsoever. I feel I’m wasting my time being to self involved and not helping people.

And then the voice pops in and says what the hell are you waiting for? Haven’t you made enough excuses already?

Then a big inside argument starts to build up and it goes something l ike this:
ME: -What if I fail?
VOICE: -You start over.
ME: -Ohh really? Is it that simple?
VOICE: -Am yeah, it is.
ME: – Ohh really?
VOICE: -Yes.
ME: – Ohh really?
VOICE: -I just said so.
ME: – Ohh really, really like for reals?
VOICE: -Ok, we need to shut down your “I think I’m funny” part of the brain before going any further.
ME: -Ohh rea… shut down.

VOICE: -So let’s go through this again, shall we?
ME: – fhaslifvlsafubel
VOICE: -Ohh shit, I might have sliced and chopped part I shouldn’t have. Ups, brb.
ME: -(Gazing stupidly at the window)
VOICE: -Ok, and we’re back. So what you need to do is grow a pair and start going after what you want.
ME: -And how do I do that?
VOICE: – You start by applying to “Psychology studies”. God knows you need some of that.
ME: -But will I be able to shrink myself?
VOICE: -I’m afraid not, you’re what shrinks call a lost cause.
ME: -Whatevs, I’m sure there’s a lot of more messed up people than me out there.
VOICE: -Did you hear what I just said?
ME: -Lalalala… (gazing stupidly at my hand now because the voice cut off the blue cable again…)

Hope you enjoyed my mental farts (which are not entirely based on facts) Cheers!


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